Becoming an Alchemist

Picture by Paul K

Alchemy is the act of transforming something into another thing of greater value. When you confront your own “inner demons”, you are in a way transforming your emotions.

The simple act of being present with fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, or whatever heavy emotions you might be carrying, and being non-judgmental about them is the essence of alchemy. By doing this we let go of heavy emotions, and in their place, we are left with  higher vibration emotions, which are an innate part of our being.

When we think of alchemy, we usually think of gold, and other valuable physical substances. Of course emotions are not physical objects, but the emotions you carry in your subconscious mind do affect your physical experiences because your consciousness directly creates your experience of life.

Would you rather be carrying the emotion of fear, or the feeling of courage and confidence? I think most people would agree that they’d rather be courageous than fearful.

So how do you become courageous? You have to face your fears. How do you become happier? You face your sadness. How do you feel confident and good about yourself? Face you insecurities and self-limiting beliefs.

You’re the one who has the choice. You can either choose to ignore your inner demons, or you can choose to face them and challenge them. I think most people agree that it’s a good thing to face your fears. And maybe we all want to believe that we can and will face our fears. But I think a lot of people struggle to do this.

The problem is not that people don’t want to face their fears. If we use the analogy of slaying dragons, you are the knight. Maybe the problem is that you went to the wrong “Knight training academy” and all you learned was how to kill a teddy bear with a wooden stick. And you didn’t receive proper training about the real dangers of a dragon, and how to defeat one.

Imagine mainstream society being that poorly funded knight academy. They didn’t prepare you to slay dragons, they just gave you a wooden stick and a teddy bear to slay, and told you that real dragons don’t exist. They sheltered you from the dangers that are lurking, and if you ever saw a real dragon, they’d probably call you crazy and delusional or blame you for witchcraft or something.

In our modern society, there is often a stigma attached to mental illness, and western doctors often prescribe potentially dangerous drugs as ways to suppress the symptoms. We are not taught how to properly deal with our inner demons, we are not taught how to slay dragons. This is largely what causes a society that is crippled with mental illness, addiction, etc.

Essentially, we’ve lost the art of alchemy in today’s age. If we can become alchemists and transform our own emotions, we can see how powerful we really are. Because we’re more powerful than we think.

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