Breaking News: Men Have Stopped Slaying Dragons

The oldest tale known to man is the story of the archetypal hero. It’s the knight who slays the dragon and brings back the gold to the village, it’s the superhero who defeats the supervillian and keep the world safe. It’s a story that’s been told for a very long time in human history, in many different forms across many ages and cultures.

The reason why the hero story is so deep to the human heart, is because of the meaning that the story carries. Young boys grow up, inspired by superheros and strong men who defeat the bad guys; they want to be just like that. Even as adult men, we enjoy a good tale about a guy who starts from the bottom and gains the power to overcome adversity (think Spiderman, Peter Parker is a weak guy who realizes his true power and makes it his responsibility to use his power for good).

Why is this story so deeply touching? Because these stories hint to us, what our purpose is as men. These stories are essentially telling us what the masculine energy represents, and we subconsciously feel very inspired by these tales, because they point us toward our life purpose as men.

Take the story of the dragon-slaying knight, for example. The knight represents the masculine energy. It’s the job of the knight to protect his people from the dangers of the dragon. The dragon is a symbol of chaos. Chaos comes from the feminine energy, that’s why there’s often an evil witch who summons the dragon in the first place.

The knight’s purpose is to defeat the dragon, in order to bring safety to his people, and to bring back the gold, so that his people may prosper. Fighting the dragon is dangerous, and it’s terrifying, but this is the knight’s purpose.

Now let’s relate this story to our daily life, in our modern age society. Obviously we don’t have actual dragons to slay in real life , but we do have metaphorical dragons to slay. That’s why the hero story interests us.

In today’s advanced societies of internet, abundant food/water, and other daily necessities and comforts, we are not in physical danger of dragons destroying our homes. In other words, we are (for the most part) not in any physical danger. Today’s source of danger comes more from emotional problems. Think about the rampant increase in mental disorders like depression and suicide across the globe, especially in advanced societies like America and Japan.

You can say that the modern-day dragons are our own internal emotional dragons (hence the term ‘inner demons’ to describe the negative emotions which lurk hidden within us). They usually come out when we try to step out our comfort zones, overcome some kind of fear, make a positive change in our lives, or accomplish something difficult.

The world right now is in chaos. People are depressed, feeling trapped in 9-5 jobs, and always looking for an escape from the grind of daily life. Men and women are becoming more and more disconnected, as one night stands and hook-ups replace actual relationships, and many men turn to relationship substitutes, such as pornography, prostitution, or even very soon, sex bots. Birth rates are declining, mental disorders are increasing.

What is the problem? Why are thing in such chaos right now? Because as a society, men are taught that in order to be a man, they need to be strong. The idea is that strong men don’t show their emotions. This creates a lot of men who are totally out of touch with their emotions, and instead using drugs and other addictions to cope with the emotions that they feel.

Basically, men lose their power when they choose to hide from their internal chaos. You can say that they aren’t slaying the dragons. They are refusing to even admit that the dragons (negative feelings) are there in the first place. They do whatever they can to distract themselves from acknowledging the existence of the dragons. This means drugs, porn, partying, videos games, sex, gambling and many other things. Anything that gives short term pleasure, because that pleasure masks the negative feelings.

What would happen in the hero’s story, if all the knights refused to acknowledge the existence of the dragon? Maybe they would pretend the dragon doesn’t exist, by chilling at the bar and getting wasted with their other knight buddies. Eventually the dragon would come and destroy the town. That’s the consequence of not facing the dragon. It’s destruction. Chaos takes over and all is lost. It’s tragic.

So why do you think the world is in such chaos? Men aren’t slaying the god-damn dragons, because they’re not facing their negative emotions. Once men start getting back to their dragon slaying selves, they’ll begin to discover their true power. This is when we can start bringing back order and stability back to our world.

Here’s how to slay dragons, in case you don’t know where to start.

Happy dragon slaying!

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