How to Be a Real Life Dragon Slayer

Just for a bit of context, I wrote an article about slaying dragons here. Read this for a bit of an intro into this topic.

Without further ado, here is how to slay dragons:

  1. Find out what things trigger your negative emotions. Search for the dragon
  2. Try to expose yourself to these triggers slowly, so you can get a sense of how the negative emotions feel (you are inching towards the dragon to get an idea of what you’re up against)
  3. When you see the dragon, don’t panic and regret that you took a look. Just accept that the dragon is there and that you are a dragon slayer whose purpose is to slay the dragon. That means don’t freak out about feeling negative emotions and freak out about why these emotions are coming up, just feel them
  4. When you accept that the dragon is there, you can examine it and see what it’s all about. This is the first step to figuring out how you can slay it. You might remember times in your childhood that created these feelings in the first place
  5. When you trigger yourself enough, you are gradually seeing more and more of the dragon. And thus you are finding it’s weaknesses. This means that you are learning more and more about where the negative emotions came from(childhood, ect).
  6. Once you’ve studied the dragon enough (i.e been triggered enough and allowed yourself sufficient time to feel the negative emotion), you can start thinking about how you’re gonna slay it. You realize that these emotions originated from childhood, and that they are not the real you. They are only a result of the limited perception you had when you were younger.
  7. Slay the motherfucker. This means doing the thing that scares you, despite your fear, because now you have the courage and the ability to transcend the thing you fear. Once you understand the dragon and where it came from, you can slay it. Once you know why certain things trigger you, you can accept that being triggered scares you and you can face that fear until you transcend it.

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